Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020
Priority Axis 1 – Research, technological development and innovation (RD&I) to support economic competitiveness and business development
Action 1.1.4 Attracting high-level personnel from abroad in order to enhance the RD capacity 
Beneficiary: “Victor Babes” National Institute of Pathology, Bucharest, ROMANIA
Proiect P_37_732

Knowledge transfer in redox biology for developing advanced molecular tools in neurodegenerative diseases – focus on the signature of Nrf2 transcription factor in diagnosis and therapy (REDBRAIN)


Call for jobs in the REDBRAIN project


Project Manager : Prof. Antonio CUADRADO

Project starting date: 01.09.2016 
Project ending date : 30.08.2020

Total funding: 8 617 500 lei 

European Union funding: 7 276 617 lei
Romanian Government fumding: 1 340 883 lei

Postdoctoral position in neurosciences – I

Postdoctoral position in neurosciences – II


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